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The firm offers all the services that a business may require in the course of its activities.


Thanks to our sound management and the suburb related savings, you can get the same services as a big corporation, for a fraction of the price.


MORIN DAOUD, Lawyers and Mediators, is one of the most important and dynamic practices on the South Shore of Montreal. The attorneys at “Morin Daoud” specialize in all fields of civil law. Because of the expertise developed by each of them over the years, numerous types of cases can be handled. At MORIN DAOUD, Lawyers and Mediators, we strive for excellence and quality, while looking to keep our prices competitive and thus available to a large range of customers. Visit the ‘’our lawyers’’ section to find out about everyone’s exact expertise and thereby that of the office. Thanks to its competitive prices policy, the practice has gained a choice place in the legal world. Most of its competitors envy its reputation. In 2000, it won the excellence award by Le Courrier du Sud / City of Longueuil and the office never ceases to progress and be rewarded for its high standards of quality. Thanks to its solid reputation, built on its efforts and customer service, the practice enjoys an image which allows it to make strategic alliances sometimes necessary to carry out a case or simply to save certain costs during the proceedings. The firm is particularly proud of being able to rival with any firm located in the metropolitan area. Although the office boasts of a strong reputation in Court, alternative modes of conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation, prevention of litigation and amicable agreements are also put forward, generally in the customer’s best interest. If a dispute can be solved through an amicable agreement, rest assured that MORIN DAOUD, Lawyers and Mediators, will see to its conclusion, without setting aside the possibility of resorting to judicial procedures. The case must be adequately evaluated to bring about the best possible solution, keeping in mind the customer’s best interest! Located at the core of the Old Longueuil district, at 1969 Ste-Hélène, close to all facilities (parking, buses, etc.) although well established in the greater Longueuil judicial district, the office also offers services in most of the other judicial districts in the Province of Quebec .


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Our lawyers

Me Yannick Morin

Me Yannick Morin


Mr. Morin's areas of expertise are the civil sector, corporate and commercial law. As well as being a mediator for the Small Claims Court, Mr. Morin has handled various class action cases. His experience and expertise make Mr. Morin an excellent litigant. A clever negotiator, Mr. Morin can negotiate a solution to your conflict when appropriate and profitable to you. Even in cases when there is no apparent conflict, Mr. Morin's expertise can help you avoid problems in a negotiation, an incorporation or new association, simply by first consulting him, and all this, at a special price. Mr. Morin also holds a degree in economy. He is also common law and commercial arbitrator accreditated.

Me Yasmine C. Daoud

Me Yasmine C. Daoud


Ms. Daoud was sworn in as a lawyer in 1997. Ms. Daoud is perfectly bilingual. She is also a family mediator as well as a Small Claims Court mediator. You can obtain up to five hours with her as a family mediator if you have children. Ms. Daoud works in the general civil sector, such as, litigation in all aspects of civil law, family law, bankruptcy law and work related accidents. If you follow her judicious advice, settlements out of court can often be reached. In case such a settlement is not possible, her representation in the courtroom often leads to the desired results.

Me Jade Naegeli

Me Jade Naegeli


Me Naegeli is graduated from Sherbrooke University. She can offer quality services for a reasonnable rate.

Alexandra Berube

Alexandra Berube


"Our Lawyers and Mediators, strive for excellence and quality."

Morin Daoud


In addition to its family mediation service, the firm offers legal and litigation services in the following sectors:

  • Civil law
  • Family law
  • Matrimonial law
  • Civil responsibility
  • Real Estate and rental board law
  • Labour law
  • Class action
  • Administrative law
  • Property law
  • Defamation and information law
  • Securities
  • Collection of accounts receivable
  • Construction law
  • Commercial law

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The firm offers all the services that a business may require in the course of its activities. For the collection of past due accounts receivable, resolution of various disputes, protection of their personal rights, as well as being able to resort to legal counseling and expertise in matters of incorporation and corporate law. The corporate clients of “MORIN DAOUD” can expect to benefit from the rigour and quality of our attorneys always aiming for excellence. Main fields of expertise:

  • Corporate law
  • Civil and profesional responsability
  • Laws and disputes: commercial and real estate
  • Collection of accounts receivable
  • Administrative law
  • Defamation and information law
  • Securities
  • Trademarks
  • Construction law
  • …call us and find out more

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Our rates


Hourly rates vary from $95 to $250.


First hour of general consultation for $50.


Business incorporation: $400 plus costs.


Divorce: jointly or amicably, $700 plus costs.


Amical agreements in family matters for common law couples: $400 plus costs.


*These rates are indicative only and can in no way be prejudicial to a rates table. Taxes not included.

 We strive for excellence and quality, while looking to keep our prices competitive and thus available to a large range of customers.

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